Выборы президента России: как голосовали Пугачева, Бузова, Киркоров, Депардье The stars of show business, cinema and television performed their civic duty. On March 18, they each came to the polling place and voted in the presidential elections of the country.

On Sunday, the Russians chose the President. Who will be President for the next six years – decided millions of citizens throughout the country and abroad.

Famous artists, stars of show business, theater and film actors too have done their civic duty. Many of them shared how it was on their pages in social networks.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, for example, voted at a polling station in Zvenigorod. Their arrival caused great excitement. Stars surrounded by journalists and ordinary citizens who came to vote. People prepared: at some point began to play the song “iceberg”. “Sad song,” said Joe. But overall, everyone was satisfied. She was especially struck by the technological advances and new devices for receiving ballots.

TV presenter, star of channel TNT, the singer and actress Olga Buzova yesterday gave a solo concert in one of the clubs of Tallinn. The actress confessed to subscribers that slept only four hours, but immediately upon arrival, straight from the airport, went to vote. For whom voted – hide does not become, or rather, just wearing a t-shirt with image of Vladimir Putin.

“The plane immediately to the polling station! I believe that every voice is important. I made my choice”, – signed photo Buzova.

Presenter and Director of TV channel “Spas” Boris korchevnikov also voted, after which he published in his Instagram photo taken at the polling station. Signed happily, called to Wake up and continue Golovan, but looked not. In any case, most of the subscribers wished to Boris to get plenty of rest and be healthy.

“Time for dinner, and the turnout was good already, but the page of my porch, my signature was the first. The neighbors, Wake up!” – wrote Boris korchevnikov.

Some citizens in the presidential election day was far away from home and the place of residence, but with civic consciousness, vote where were at the moment. For example, the holder of a Russian passport, French actor Gerard Depardieu in Russian Embassy in Paris, and the wife and daughter of fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin Marina and Galina Miami.

Philip did his duty in the Russian Embassy in the Lithuanian capital – Vilnius. The singer came to the polls with a bouquet of flowers for lady Ambassador.

“Today is a very important day for our country! Everyone has the opportunity to make a proposal for the selection of the President and the future! Wanted to first Express my gratitude for the opportunity advance voting abroad and say that we made a choice a long time ago, because I want to live and develop in a strong Russia!” – signed photo of Galina Yudashkin.

Videos from the polling station a citizen Sergey Zverev instantly gained more than 100 thousand views. The flamboyant stylist has chosen for such a solemn day unusual hair color – a bright fuchsia. And his style began to agitate the public: “anyone who thinks: go, go, go! Don’t make the star’s nerves!” – said Sergey.

Many celebrities, like ordinary citizens, voted by families with children. Zara was at the polling station with his sons, Nyusha – with her husband, Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia and son Alexander.

“So I took part in the election of the President of Russia. With me at the polling station was my sons Daniel and Lukas. I love my country with all my heart want and my boys are also proud of the Homeland, its history and culture”, – signed photo of Zara.

Have gone to the polls many stars. They not only fulfilled your civic duty, but pleased ordinary citizens. After all, you don’t meet their idol, so to speak, alive in the immediate vicinity. The appearance at the polling station, Vladimir Posner, for example, was especially pleased observers. The famous journalist was refused to girls in the joint photo, and they were him for that very grateful. “To be an observer at the elections was much more interesting than I first thought. And when the weekend come such wonderful people, work is just great,” admitted one observer.