Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги “StarHit” offers several options for economical travelers. Despite the fact that the summer has flown by, many have not yet celebrated a legal holiday, and therefore took up the matter only now.

      Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги

      So summer flew by. But was done on a legal holiday had not all. For them we have prepared some tips on how to travel as budget.

      First and foremost, pay attention to tours

      In September, it was always enough. Children are taken home by the beginning of the school year, and to the resorts of the airplanes fly half-empty. So, if the time to hurry up, it is easy to fly in Sochi or the Crimea, and overseas resorts. Look carefully in the “kids” direction. The number of tourists in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Tunisia or Cyprus is clearly greatly reduced. And the temperature of air and water in September-October there are more than comfortable, so feel free to go on a journey.

      Think in advance about visas

      Apply to the visa application centre is not so difficult, especially since most of the Schengen countries do not require a paid-for bookings. They have enough booking confirmation, and most importantly – your income statements. Investment 60-70 euros a visa in your passport will certainly pay off! So to catch this tour will be much easier. Two days before departure the price is very much reduced – it is because people do not have time to do visa.

      Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги

      The direction for this year – Georgia

      Autumn there is the best time. Warm Black sea, emptying by mid-October, the beaches, and most importantly – an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits! Georgians in the Soviet Union was famous for its love of the long feast – and over the years this talent is not lost. Very nice hospitality of these people, because for them it is absolutely normal to call to visit a stranger. We have tested this on myself many times, so had to literally “escape” to catch a plane.

      Looking through the flight, be sure to check the baggage allowance

      To do this, use not only web-sites-mediators, but also double check all of the airline itself. Don’t forget the creative ideas of our only low-cost carrier. Does the ear need to keep not just your eyes, but to be mechanimals! The story that passengers are thrown around the cabin with the kids or forced to pay a few thousand for a package from Duty Free, made a lot of noise, but nothing has changed. So read the rules and consider. May be it is better to pay for a normal ticket, than to be in a situation when “the avaricious pays twice”?

      Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги

      Open new countries

      For example, this year, many Russian tourists went to Albania. If you think this is wild country, you are greatly mistaken. The main tourists visiting this small country in the Balkans – the Italians. They arrive here on ferries, on the coast of Italian cars a lot more than local. From neighboring Montenegro, Albania you’ll be sandy beaches and prices. The food in the restaurants and the shops here are much cheaper.

      Yes, and Russian tourists were waiting here, no wonder the local government for several years to cancel us for the summer entry visa. Until November 1 in Albania it is safe to come at least 90 days.

      Another great way to save money – to obtain a visa of the Republic of Cyprus

      Not to be confused with electronic provisos. It is free of charge. Most importantly, to get it, you need to get from Cyprus hotel confirmation with stamp. But Cypriots most often give multiple-entry visa for several years, and it is possible to enter not only the island but also in Bulgaria, Croatia and home of Dracula in Romania. Believe me, this is a very serious savings, because visas to these countries are from 50 Euro per person!

      Autumn is a great time to pick up your tickets for future journeys

      Unlike tour operators, airlines prices not lower, but rather raise, but it means that now you can think about… the summer of 2017! For example, buy cheap air tickets to the Crimea or Sochi. There are proposals for 6000 rubles for the flight there and back is Luggage. And don’t forget about the autumn sale. It is possible to leave hell.

      Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги

      If you have already got the best tickets, do not rush to take the cheapest hotel

      It is better to take the offer which you can cancel without penalty. Then, periodically checking an interesting direction, you can catch great deals in the hotels of the higher class. Not to mention the fact that there are special offers on booking hotels for the next night.

      Правила бюджетного путешествия: как насладиться отпуском за небольшие деньги


      According to the law to travel without it now but something we haven’t heard about serious inspections at the border. But if life you more wallet – it is better to take care of. And it is not necessary to pay. A lot of banks offer on their premium cards or deposits free insurance traveler, and in some cases coverage extends to all family members.

      Go to hell

      Distant countries leave in late autumn and winter with spring. At this time in Southeast Asia are running out of season, and Caribbean hurricanes are on the decline, so your active holidays in Cuba or Mexico, Vietnam or Indonesia will not hurt anything.