«Скала» Дуэйн Джонсон прилично раскошелился на подарок дублеру Hollywood actor adheres to the principle of “most pleasant to give than to receive.” Recently Dwayne Johnson gave backup Tanoai reed pickup, assembled to order. Worth noting: Reid’s working with Johnson for more than fifteen years.
«Скала» Дуэйн Джонсон прилично раскошелился на подарок дублеру

“The rock” Dwayne Johnson plays a role in the steep militants seem him with steel muscles and brutal appearance, subject to all. It turns out that this is only apparent. To perform dangerous stunts Dwayne still enlists the aid of a stunt double. For fifteen years, the actor has partnered with the same stunt Taneem reed, who concurrently is his cousin.

Recently Johnson has made a generous gift to reed, he became for many years a close friend: “the Rock” gave the stuntman assembled to order pickup.

“Reid broke a lot of bones during the filming, many times stretched tendons and torn ligaments. In General, he’s a cool guy. He did everything with only one purpose — to provide viewers the best movie in the world,” Dwayne told of the exploits of Tanoa the public.
«Скала» Дуэйн Джонсон прилично раскошелился на подарок дублеру

Johnson admitted that with great respect for reed as a person and professional in his business, and noted that they will have new achievements. By the way, Tanoai reed ten times nominated for the title of “Best stunt of the year” in America and three times received the award.

Recall, its powerful body, which Duane got the nickname “the Rock”, actor owes a lot to the wrestling that Johnson is engaged in professionally. Moreover, he became the world champion in this sport. On account of Duane role in the blockbuster “Hercules”, “the Scorpion King”, tall”, and others.

A couple of years ago Johnson took first place in rating Forbes among the most highly paid actors in the world. In the winter of 2017 on the Alley of fame of Hollywood came the nominal star of Dwayne.

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