Грабители Ким во всем сознались

The investigation of the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris moved from the dead point.

Recently it became known that on suspicion in this crime was arrested 16 persons and the driver, Kim Michael Madar.

Yesterday, the Paris police shared with the media details of the investigation and that it turned out.

The crime was organized by the six attackers, some of whom are even relatives (father and son).

The thieves admitted that immediately after committing the theft, they have stolen C on the “black market”, because you return the jewels to its rightful owners nearly impossible.

But the driver Kardashian was acquitted, despite the fact that his account was discovered a tidy sum more than 300 thousand dollars.

By the way, some of the most incredulous netizens and secular observers still do not believe that the robbery was not staged, but real. They believe that such a desperate step Kardashian went for the sake of attracting attention to themselves. They say that the divorce of Brangelina became such big news that everyone has forgotten about the Kardashian clan because they decided to act radically.