The risks when buying apartments in new buildings: inspection of the Builder

Риски при покупке квартиры в новостройке: проверка застройщика

To find the money to improve their living conditions, it is only a small part of the problem. Most importantly, choose a surefire option of buying a property and to make sure that the developer is a reliable partner you can trust with your hard-earned money. Because the picture on the economic market is clear: in uncertain times risks when buying a home is always increased. Especially when it comes to the primary market apartments in the new construction sites. In such a situation it is important to recognize the integrity of the Builder, which will depend on future house warming, to evaluate the strength of its position in the market.

How to determine the reliability of the developer

Before you sign any contract and give the money to the first developer it would be nice to see his reputation and experience. Large companies engaged in construction, do not hesitate to post information about themselves, their completed projects, partner banks and mortgage terms. Ideally, have your own Internet resource, where there is detailed information including about the object of interest. But even impeccable reputation in the conditions of economic crisis is no guarantee of a transaction with a favorable outcome.

Well, if the Internet one can find data about how a specific developer have experienced past crises, how many projects he was able to realize in a difficult period, he successfully coped with it. If the developer does not have experience in crisis conditions, if the Network provided little information about the Builder or its complete absence, not counting advertising, it says that the developer has some problems. Potential buyers will not be superfluous to check the reliability of the developer on the following points.

Verification Builder: four mandatory item

  • The first thing to check is if the developer is in the list of unscrupulous developers, and the object of interest is problematic. If not, you should familiarize yourself with the available information and documents. The developer is obliged to place information about themselves using different means of mass media. This is usually data about the company and its participation in projects over the last couple of years, information about project deadlines and the input of the constructed facilities into operation and actual dates of project implementation, the permit to conduct construction works, the documents for the land allocated for development.

  • The credibility, seriousness and competence of the construction companies will say, such additional materials as detailed photos and descriptions of projects, opportunity to see the work in progress in real time. In addition to the documents should carefully consider any publications about this developer in the media, studying online forums on current and completed objects, to note whether there are negative reviews and what they character. Even the few publications of a positive nature will testify in favor of the good reputation of the construction company and reduce risks when buying an apartment.

  • A required item that requires careful consideration is the funding of the current project and offer him mortgage program. If you know a Bank is a financial partner of the developer and provides funds for the construction of a specific residential facility, allows each buyer to get the best mortgage with the minimum rates and special conditions, the probability that the project will be successfully completed almost one hundred percent. If the Bank is willing to issue a mortgage at the phase of the pit is also a sure sign of trustworthiness of the developer.

  • It is very important to the activity of the developer was performed according to the contract 214-FZ “On participation in shared construction”. At the moment it is the only more or less reliable document, which provides for the fining of the developer in the official order in the event of default. This document protects the interests of the buyer who has every right to compensation in the event that the developer violated the terms of construction of residential property or poorly performed work.

  • But to adequately assess the capabilities of the developer’s safer to come to the construction site and assess the situation with your own eyes: how actively are under construction and they are generally. On average norms encouraging the dynamics of construction of prefabricated houses — at least four stories a month, monolithic object — at least two floors. If work is carried out with a strong delay in time, if on site idle machinery, and the workers constantly rest, from buying property in this project it is wiser to refuse.

    The source — current information on new buildings and developers of Moscow and Moscow region.