The revelations of men of Yulia Kovalchuk

Откровения мужчин Юлии Ковальчук Today, November 12, the singer turns 35. Three relatives told the “StarHit” why Julia sleeps for two hours, and helps parents. Husband, father and friend shared stories about the birthday girl.
Откровения мужчин Юлии Ковальчук

The wise wife

Husband of the artist Alexey Chumakov with a smile admits that after October 12, they had a daughter, Julia, they can’t spend so much alone time like before. “With the baby Julia has become more calm, gentle, – says Alexey “StarHit”. – Of course, all the time she devotes to the girl. Our daughter is the most important gift that a favorite has made in ten years than it moved me to tears… I have not yet decided how will be wife’s birthday. It should be possible to solve it. Now Julia loves to give me surprises. Our anniversary always gives a letter which says how much we have experienced over the last year. Collect these messages in the future to reread and relive the touching moments.

Wife is very wise. If between us can sometimes be a misunderstanding or, rarely, the quarrel, she, unlike me, knows how to keep silent, as the conflict has not flared. And sometimes asks for forgiveness, even I am guilty”.

Perfect daughter

Dad singer also notes that he sees a daughter less than I would like. “But when her spouse – says Oleg. – Every morning take her to her daughter and granddaughter to help. The benefit of living next to seven minutes by car. Julia is not moving away from the child. Asking the other day: “do You even have time to rest?” And she said, “Dad, today for two hours sleep!” I’m sure she’ll be great. Despite the crazy schedule, the daughter always found time for parents to call to ask about health, to go together on vacation. Gave us a trip to Panama, Greece, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Thailand. And we often visit them with Alex apartment in Spain…

Откровения мужчин Юлии Ковальчук

Julia has always been purposeful, it naked eye visible leader. Since four years my wife and I noticed that the bosses daughter in the children’s companies, coming up with contests, arranges fashion shows with her mom’s outfits. But despite all the activity, she was not a bully. On the contrary, listened to parents, helped around the house. Our family have always been friendly. We lived in the Volgograd region and in summer it went in understand – ten days. While his wife, the eldest daughter cooks, Julia fished with me, not in the art of giving.

Daughter is able to find a way out of any situation. When Julia was about 10 years old we lived a dog named Julia. Once she has a litter right now. But after birth, the dog suddenly became ill. We took her to the vet. It turned out she did not give birth, there are still two puppies. Made stimulating injection I took Julia home, and he hurried to work. In the evening back with his wife, and Julia reported that he had attended childbirth. She is not afraid!”

A true friend

On the leadership qualities of the birthday girl says and her childhood friend Eugene Zabruskov. “Julia from the age of 13 went to the same school – says a friend of the the fact that studying in the class already has 20 girls and only five guys, Kovalchuk was the brightest. The guys her beautiful and cheerful, adored, all as one, cared. Distinguished Julia and the fact that she was a good student – straight a’s. Wanted to be first all the time. And we went together to the camp, to friends to the cottage, walking in parks, ran the race. Julia gave a copy, were treated to chocolates, which she put in the knapsack my mother. Never afraid of condemnation and boldly expressed their opinions, even if it does not coincide with the majority opinion. For this respected her and the boys and girls.

And even after the friend became famous and sang in “Brilliant”,it is not zazvezdilsya, but remained the same simple girl that you can call at any time. Julia is helping me to get up the nerve to move from his native Volga to Moscow. Set up, saying that it worked for me, and you than worse? Let the games begin!”