Воссоединившиеся Spice Girls заработают более $40 миллионов за два часа

Legendary girl band Spice Girls recently announced their reunion. However, immediately after the good news, fans expecting a little disappointment – again performing on stage in front of a crowd of thousands agreed only three girls out of five. Victoria Adams (now Beckham) and Melanie Chisholm refused to go back to the public under the chanting of the words “peppercorns on stage”, explaining this as little interest in the comeback, and the heavy workload on other projects.

Despite the fact that the full reunion didn’t happen, the Spice Girls will still be able to capitalize on their performances a lot of money. Experts publication the NY Daily News has calculated that, given the sale of tickets, sponsors, revenue from the broadcast of the concert to the records and other sources of income, each one of the three remaining participants Spice Girls in total will receive one performance of the order of $ 14 million. Thus, every minute of the performance the singers will cost over 100 thousand dollars – much per minute did not earn, perhaps, no one has ever. For comparison, Justin Bieber earned about $ 70 million. However, for this he had been actively touring for the past 4 months and 51 to give a concert.

Recall that the return of the Spice Girls on stage will be the summer of 2017 in Hyde Park (London). Girls will give a two-hour concert.


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