The return of a child made noise in social networks

Возвращение Фриске подняло шум в соцсетях
Sister Jeanne has recorded a new song.

Sister Jeanne Friske — Natalia recorded the first after a long break the song. The Duo the youngest of the sisters with the soloist of group “Turbomoda” — Alexander Popov has been recorded in the beginning of this year and has already been published on a popular resource. The song “Two planets” a few days listened to thousands of users.

The media immediately started talking about Natalia’s return to the stage (in her youth she was a member of the “Brilliant”). Recorded a song called a hit, but music critics have tipped her less successful career than her sister. However, Natalia is to conquer the world of show business, it seems, is not going to. Popov said that the recorded song was a creative experiment.

“Natasha always when I invite her to return to the world stage, sends me to hell. “Your whole showbiz – a big mess!” she says to me. I partly agree, but I’m sure Natasha must continue to develop your talent. Such singers we have on stage is very small!” — said Popov.

Natalia Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia Instagram

Besides, neither he nor Natalia working at the moment at the beauty salon, no money for “promotion”. So the song hardly get played on radio or TV. However, in social networks users have a genuine interest for the song. “When Natasha opened her mouth, I went goosebumps. Genes, as they say, in his blood: Natalia is a great talent, so we recorded everything very quickly. And her voice is very similar to the voice of my sister. I have the feeling that sings Natasha, and Janna, he was quoted — Rotation on radio and television are unreal money? therefore, we decided to give up!”

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