Итоги года — 2018: самые надоевшие тренды

SPLETNIK.RU continues to draw a fashionable year, and today we offer you to blow off steam and remember what trends we got in 2018! It seems that each output of a celebrity getting ready especially trying to emphasize the individuality and combinations, and still there are things that we had to watch too often. The result is quite predictable — many images have become boring and tired. So, what to watch at the end of twelve months had no strength…

1.”Bare” fashion

What it was: the consequences of global warming or sprouted the beginnings of exhibitionism? The fact remains that this year the amount of clothing on many celebrities (to hell with the trend for layering!) sharply reduced, and what remained was a translucent. Playful mood and desire to show underwear are not spared neither young nor Mature: semi-transparent outfits appeared and Kendall Jenner, and Monica Bellucci. The record can definitely be considered a Bella Hadid — after the show Victoria’s Secret model has replaced already two “naked” outfit in one evening!

2.Candid bikini

Check the calendar on Instagram stars — bad idea. The seasons have long been merged in blogs celebrities endless summer — a Testament to the fact our traditional collection. One Emily Ratzkowski is worth something! And if the clothes shows the influence of retro beach fashion — no Granny panties! Only inverted bodice, Empire line panties and other pieces of fabric, barely covering the intimate parts. Cherish the nature of our celebrity — less fabric, less waste! Also, in the end, trend.

3.Pantsuits Blake lively

They say everything is good in moderation, but Blake lively this year had nothing to do with old-fashioned wisdom. A couple of months, the actress has doomed us to the contemplation of masculine Trouser suits in a variety of combinations and colors. In the eyes dazzled, epithets have no choice, but the star of the show “Gossip girl,” continued the embargo on dresses. To “sanctions” was joined by some other stars, all we remember, for example, disproportionately large costume Lady Gaga.

4.Logo Fendi

Logomaniya took this year absolutely incredible scale — at the end of the year, the Lyst website even included it in the main trends. However, the desire to be covered with logos from head to toe had pretty tiring. The most popular among the stars was the emblem Fendi: celebrities we saw and stockings and overalls, and underwear! And Kylie Jenner, who in this year mom decided to inculcate logomania and his daughter from the earliest days — the owner of cosmetics company posed for a photo with a baby carriage Fendi.

5.Ugly footwear (Ugly shoes)

The aesthetics of the ugly fashion designers have long been elevated to cult — shapeless things, deliberately curved silhouettes and strange accessories like a Balaclava, and continue to fight for dominance on the world’s catwalks. But really this year to the people left a trend — ugly shoes. Sneakers and boots, as if borrowed from dad’s wardrobe, become willing to wear all the sophisticated girls. The main requirement of fashion: shoes should look slightly crushed and if large. The main requirement is common sense: stop it, please!

6. A huge straw hat Jacquemus

Megalomania touched not only shoes, but hats, and all thanks to the straw hat from Simon Port Hcmus. This summer she managed to visit and the must-haves, and the main meme — now is the time to be boring and the main trend. In Instagram the salvation of the hat-the hut was not — images shared and celebrities and ordinary ladies, and some even wore chipaway hat instead of a veil for my own wedding.

No regrets leaving this trend a summer memory. Moreover, the designer has prepared a new accessory at the fashion show spring/summer 2019 was presented to the audience a giant wicker bags.

The results of the year 2018: what is the trend 2018 bothered the most?

“Naked” midodrine bikinibritney suits Blake Lovelylovely FendiУродливая obuyviagrainy straw hat Jacquemus

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