Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

This year has yielded a new cosmetic brand. Follow Huda Beauty on the Russian market, a means of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, Becca, Sol De Janeiro and many other brands. We tell you about the most interesting and expected.

Kat Von D Beauty

Mom-founder of the legendary American brand of decorative cosmetics Kat Von D Beauty — tattoo artist, blogger and gallery owner kat von Dee. Mark proclaims full freedom of expression. To Wake up your inner artist, you can use persistent and vysokomehanizirovannyh means of stamps.

Being an activist for the protection of the environment, cat produces exclusively cruelty free cosmetics that are not tested on animals. And if 10 years ago in the line of cosmetic products, cat was only four lipsticks, now this is a list of 350 names, which is almost everything — Foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке
Kat von Dee

Perhaps the most popular tool brand is the eyeliner Tattoo Liner, the inspiration for its creation was the ink that she uses in her famous tattoo Studio High Voltage Studioю. The thin flexible tip of the brush allows you to draw any arrow, the formula is water-resistant liner will not be erased and will not be smeared.

Lovers of hard, creamy foundations should pay attention to Lock-It Liquid Foundation, it allows you to skillfully hide even a tattoo, not to mention age spots or dark circles under the eyes. Lipstick Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick too — what you need: stable and saturated (41 shades).

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке


Rebecca Morris, Australian artist-makeup artist and makeup artist for a long time could not find the find the perfect shade of Foundation, so I decided to create it myself. Way brand Becca started c design tools for three-tier system of applying makeup. Today the brand’s products can be found in the purses of Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz and Kylie Minogue.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке
Rebecca Morris

In fairness it should be noted that before a couple of products, the brand can be bought in the online store Elena Krygina, but the range was, frankly, poor. Now the famous military, and palettes of shadows, and concealers, and mascara, and brushes, and lip glosses can be bought in Sephora.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке


The same mineral of the mask film for the face from the brand Boscia (read as [Bo-Sha]) on the basis of activated carbon, which perfectly cleanse the skin, remove deep dirt and blackheads, finally reached Russia. Along with all the “black” collection matifying Foundation primer, gel cleanser and spray lock to make.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

What is especially nice, the price of Japanese products to wring did not. For example, face mask with black and white coal is exactly the same as on the American website — $ 38, that is 2 400 RUB.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Organic cosmetics Belif

Not long ago, the brand broke into the American market, bloggers began to praise the Belif in almost every new video. The brand concept is a simple one: trust is true. Hence the name of the brand (derived from the word “to believe”). Founded Belif specialist herbs and philosopher Duncan Napier. He got the idea to do makeup for pharmacy recipes based on medicinal herbs.

In the range of four main product lines: for problem and oily skin (Problem Solution) – a Solution for aging skin (The True Anti-Aging), whitening line (The True Whitening) and line comprehensive care (The True Decoction). Star product of the brand — cream, The True Cream Aqua Bomb, which has repeatedly won in the nomination “the Best moisturizer”.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Huda Beauty

No longer need to ask friends to bring those liquid matte lipstick from Huda Beauty from the Emirates. The famous American make-up artist and the most popular girl Middle East Huda Kattan, where Instagram follow 29 million followers, has long worked with demanding wives of sheikhs, and then the Hollywood stars.

Huda wants to make the world brighter and give women the confidence — of course, with makeup. Marche is particularly well able Foundation palettes with aliterati and shadows of various colors, which have already become bestsellers around the world.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Cosmetic line “for those who want to stay yourself, but be beautiful, bright and happy,” the designer and the Cavaliere of the Order of arts and letters Marc Jacobs launched in 2013. Now for the highlighter-stick, creamy lipstick perfect red hue and ultra-thin eyeliner no longer need to fly to Paris (Yes, some do). Also suggest to pay attention to the mascara with the volume effect and radiant Foundation.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Sol De Janeiro

The main best seller Brazilian brand Sol De Janeiro body lotion Bum Bum Cream (2 500 RUB) flavor of pistachios and salted caramel. Since its initial launch in the US on 19 September the whole party tools were sold out in just two hours.

What conquered all this? The cream consists of a cocktail of oils to cupuacu, acai and coconut and Brazil nut, which penetrate deep into the skin and make it more dense and shining. By the way, put the product offers a convenient shovel in the shape of a small surfboard.

And in the winter you would definitely need a lip balm Brazilian Kiss (1 300 RUB), enriched with oils to cupuacu, acai and coconut. The tool with the delicate flavor of pistachio and almond leaves lips incredibly soft and protects from frost.

Zielinski & Rozen

Fragrances of the brand Zielinski & Rozen traditionally carried as a souvenir from Israel. Perfume house that Erez Rosen has headed for 18 years, appeared in the lanes of old Jaffa in 1905.
Zielinski — mother’s name, a pole by nationality, but Rozen is father’s name, he was a Jew, explains the perfumer.

Simple bubbles Zielinski & Rozen of dark glass in the form of pharmaceutical vials in the crafting packages stand out among the variety of gaudy bottles. In the homeland of the brand, after consultation with the Rosen, you can create individual flavor, in Russia this option is, alas, unavailable. But with the spirits (from 4 500 RUB.), diffusers for the home, candles and bath products you can meet in person, without leaving Moscow. On the ostashkovskaya street (building 4, building 3) summer opened its first showroom.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке


Zhili-byli… Sal Ali and his wife, makeup artist Farah, who decided to create his own brand, which produced serum with oils (the decision at the time it was groundbreaking). So there was a brand Farsali.

Makeup artists working on the shows, in awe of the multifunctional serum Liquid Glass. It creates the effect of fashion glossy, as if wet (not to be confused with oily) skin and moisturizes it. And beauty bloggers do not get tired Declaration of love “essences pink unicorn” with the acai berry, Goji fruit, elderberry and blueberry. It can be applied to the skin as a primer or moisturizer.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Dose of Colors

This spring, a favorite brand of many foreign makeup artists and makeup-guru-appeared in “L’etoile”. The history of brand creation is not new: Anna Petrosyan from 16 years worked as a makeup artist and one day decided to create her own brand.

Best — selling models of liquid matte lipsticks, the shade selection is amazing. Glitter is another hit. Non-sticky (Yes, this is possible) and pleasant texture, while in winter, they also save the lips from chapping.


Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Frank Body

One day the owner of the Melbourne coffee shop Stephen Rowley was wondering why the visitors are asked to give them coffee grounds. And so began the story of the famous coffee scrub. It is believed that Frank’s Body is radically changed the culture home peels, making it more efficient and more fun.

Coffee blend now complement the natural oils, scrubs packaged in a stylish craft packaging, and the protagonist Instagram brand — Sam Frank — not only gives tips on using products, but also jokes about the mud and shower.

Итоги года — 2018: новые бьюти-марки на российском рынке

Moriki Doriki

Fun tools for children from three years Moriki Doriki recently settled in “L’etoile”. Bath, detangler hair (so no screaming and yelling to untangle their child), lip balm specially created for the care of sensitive baby skin, hypoallergenic, do not contain parabens, silicones and mineral oil. All shampoos brand uses a gentle formula “without tears”. Media make-up contains natural ingredients: extracts of chamomile, strawberry and Apple, hence the delicious flavors of new products.

Now a little about the brand. Moriki Goriki is eight funny underwater creatures, the inhabitants of Oceania (the Ruhr, Lana, Grinbo, Miso, Shushi, Peas, spike and Neka). The star of the collection — mousse bubble bath: it can be play, it can mold and it is very long melts.

The results of the year 2018: the occurrence of any beauty brand are you most looking forward to?

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