Итоги ремонта шокировали актера Сергея Юрского Professionals drastically transformed the country artist. Sergey Yursky was not ready for such changes. However, in the end, he thanked the team who worked on the interior design.
Итоги ремонта шокировали актера Сергея Юрского

Actor Sergei Yursky — a favorite of millions and the symbol of the Soviet cinema. His roles in the films “Love and pigeons”, “the Golden calf”, “the meeting Place cannot be changed” have become iconic.

Now the man primarily plays on the stage, and all the free time prefers to spend in the country. It is here that he invited the leading of the program “a Perfect repair”. Project specialists promised by the Jurassic, which will make a two-storey house is not only beautiful, but also convenient for an elderly artist and his wife.

In the end, Sergey was struck to the heart the result of the repair. Designers not only changed the interior decoration of the house but also transformed it from the outside.

“To be honest, I find it hard to believe that this is our country. The amazing result. The outside looks fantastic, and in many places,” – shared his impressions of the Jurassic.
Итоги ремонта шокировали актера Сергея Юрского

The camera and his wife Natalia Tenyakova. She was especially pleased that the builders have completely changed the design of the stairs leading to the second floor. The fact that this spouse had to use a rickety ladder, and it became for them a daily health risk.

Also the experts of the program have paid great attention to the design of the bedroom of the actor, where he not only rest, but also often works. As throughout the house, was based on pastel shades and minimalist in terms of decor. In the end, the man literally could not restrain his excitement.

“Such a gift. Maybe it’s even too good for me? I really like the gorgeous result,” – said Sergey.

The man warned that he is about furniture that is in the country, so experts were not completely replaced it, and restored many chairs and tables. Thanks to this they managed to blend in the new design.

The actor’s daughter was also delighted with the repair. Darya Jurassic now continues his father’s work, and often performs with him on the stage. In his spare time the young woman loves to come to the country to parents.

Jurassic himself said that now he is more than happy to be spending time at the cottage. According to the man, he had long dreamed of a beautiful country house, because now you can not only enjoy nature, but to live comfortably.