The results of the DNA test Timur Yeremeyev turned out to be false

Результаты ДНК-теста Тимура Еремеева оказались ложными The trial between the family and Michelini Timur Yeremeyev continues. In the Studio “Andrey Malakhov. Live” it turned out that the study of biomaterial actor and his famous father was held incorrectly.
Результаты ДНК-теста Тимура Еремеева оказались ложными

Karina Mishulina trying to figure out how Timur Eremeev proved the relationship with her famous father. The Studio program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” the actress has said that Sweden should hold a second DNA test.

Timur Eremeev and his mother found the suit Carlson, belonging to the Spartacus Michelino. According to them, things have remained the biomaterial movie stars. It took for study in the laboratory. Many guests, familiar with the family Mishulina say that young actor was lying.

Special correspondent of the program “Vesti” Alexander Karpov has decided to conduct its own investigation. “What exactly happened there, nobody knows. We arrived in the family to Mishulin and looked at pictures where they are all together. And then we looked at the costume. In fact, it’s the old rags that 12 years spent in the basement,” – said the journalist.

According to Karpov, the DNA – not as simple as it seems. He asked for clarification to the court expert.

“In 12 years destroyed DNA. When it comes to biological secretions, they have a short term of identification,” – said Viktor Kolkutin.

Besides the report from the lab discovered the mistake. Mother of Timur Eremeev took part in the study. She, for unknown reasons, found chromosome, which is found only in men.

Результаты ДНК-теста Тимура Еремеева оказались ложными

The situation with Timur Yeremeyev has seriously affected the widow Spartaka Mishulina. She complained of health. The woman was told that she was bad after one trial.

“The first time I was in such a situation, the court. I was terrified. When the lawyer began to say such things is terrible, not a single word of truth, I just ran out of there like a scalded cat,” says the widow Mishulina.
Результаты ДНК-теста Тимура Еремеева оказались ложными

She claims she knew if her husband had a mistress. Friends of the family supported Valentina Konstantinovna.

Alexander Karpov decided to meet with the expert Pavel Leonidovich Ivanov, who was involved in case with a DNA test. The Professor put the signature under this document. He demanded money for interviews. Head of the center for molecular examinations refused to explain the fact that he signed under false data.

Timur accuses Karina of public relations on this story. In the words of Mishulin, it was absolutely not necessary. “Why would you draw attention if you don’t need. Go do forensics and live in peace,” said Karina, commenting on one of the last posts administration on the social network.

Timur Eremeev about a new court decision: “I’m disappointed. Don’t believe in someone’s sincerity»

Victoria Sdasyuk, widow of brother Spartaka Mishulina, stood up for the actor. “After it was published the DNA results. Neither I nor my son Alexander did not doubt that there is a mistake,” said the woman.

Prior to filming, the editors of transmission associated with Timur Yeremeyev.

“My sister and there is no conflict. In principle, I do not want to speak on this subject because I’m a little tired”, – commented on the events actor.

In Stockholm conducted a re-analysis. Zarina located in Sweden, said that the suit Spartaka Mishulina was sent for examination in Florida.

“Viable DNA on fabrics and no stockings. Official paper karinočka, I’ve already sent”, – announced the results of a woman.

According to her, in Sweden, the laboratory more care during the work because they know that for their mistake they face a fine or imprisonment.

How to tell the specialist if Timur and Karina both pass the DNA tests, the lab will not be able to get enough information from him concerning kinship.