The restaurant’s founder, A studio was searched

В ресторане основателя A'studio прошел обыск
Law enforcement agencies searched the school?

Group A’studio

Photo: @astudio_group Instagram

The day before, at the restaurant, according to some owned by Baigali Serkebaev, visited the police. Law enforcement agencies have called for the institution of an anonymous tip. It was argued that the owners had organized within the walls of the restaurant underground casino.

The authorities seized in the search of the gambling table, chips, cards and a machine for mixing them. However, the owners denied that hid in the back of an underground casino. Their story follows that guests just played cards, reports REN-TV.

Moreover, despite the data in the Network, a representative Baigali denies involvement in the activities of the restaurant. “The representative of group A’studio Victoria Nuriyeva reported that Baigali Serkebayev has nothing to do with them”, — reported in the press. At the same time, the official website of “Emperio cafe”, which were searched, indicated by its second title: “music house Baigali”.