The response goes from “I” to write books

Гоша уходит из «САШАТАНЯ», чтобы писать книги

Alex Lemar believes that outgrew your hero and in 33 years it is time to do more serious things.

Very soon will begin shooting the new season of the series “SASHATANYA”, in which the main role is, as before, will play Andrew Hagolan. Thank God, the actor has coped with a serious illness and ready to get back to filming. This is good news, but the bad: in the new series will not be the hero of Gosha by the public even on the first season of “Uni”. Actor Alex Lemar left the project after seven years of work.

“The values that promotes my hero, I’m an alien, I outgrew them – shared the actor with Woman’s Day. — Gosh, drinking and lying on the sofa, I already long time don’t drink and want to call all for an active and healthy lifestyle. Don’t want to be the face of degradation, and because the audience subconsciously follow the example of their favourite hero. That’s why I decided to leave.

Channel disagree peacefully, I am grateful to TNT for the experience, after all, seven years is a considerable period. But this year I turn 33. This is the age for a serious of conscious decisions. First, I will deal with the development of their advertising agencies, and secondly are preparing to print three books: “Green paper on healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, where their experience will be shared by many famous people. Now we just collect material. I hope it will be ready by September.

At the same time will be released “Daar” is in fact a fantastic script that I wrote six years old. Think, how would it convert to a movie or cartoon.

Moreover, in autumn we will release a number of products related to the plot of the book is: the magic of toy animals for kids from six years old computer games for twelve-year-old adolescents. I want to create a whole magical land da’arias – so, by the way, a long time ago the name of our country.

A third book “Everything is in your hands” is already written, soon her presenting. This is the Manifesto of the 30-year-old, she will only be sold to people below this age, she will smell – not kidding, this is the first book that will have your scent, it will be black pages and white font, and it might even be player – all in order to create a certain atmosphere, understandable only 30-year-old people. Written book co-authored with businessman Ruslan, Tatanashvili. But all this doesn’t mean I’m quitting the acting profession. Summer will begin shooting the film in which the only role is mine. We will shoot on the island. There is another film project – in Arthouse cinema, but about it while to speak early”.

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