Резиденция Майкла Джексона в Лас-Вегасе выставлена на продажу

The king of pop Michael Jackson is no longer with us for many years, but his name continues to make money. Everything it touched the legendary artist, immediately increased in value. So, in the real estate market is a house in Las Vegas, who loved Michael and who he rented from 2007 until his death.

Rumor has it that he was going to buy this property, but fate has made adjustments in his plans. A spectacular mansion in 24267 square feet with its own medieval Church on site, the owners wanted to not much. no less than the 9.5 million dollars.
All the furniture in the house has been converted into the taste of Jackson, though he was in the house from the beginning. For the sake of such a noble citizen, the owners have spent many thousands of dollars to have refurbished several rooms according to the wishes of Michael.
Recall that, as in the case of the sudden death of the Prince, numerous relatives quarreled among themselves, dividing the huge money earned over the many years of Michael’s career. Guardians of the children of the singer was his mother, but the daughter of the artist has repeatedly stated indifference on the part of relatives, thinking only about the money. The Jackson’s father Joe, whose health is now a matter of serious concern even decided to gather the family Council, where he will explain to the children how many who will get what after he died. Joe is afraid that the legacy fell out again once close-knit family.

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