Представитель Шуры раскрыл правду о его психическом состоянии The famous artist was feeling unwell and was forced to seek assistance from a healthcare professional. After Shura saw in one of the neurological dispensaries, fans sounded the alarm.

Not long ago, the singer Shura made a visit to one of Moscow psycho-neurological dispensaries. The journey of the artist to doctors did not go unnoticed.

After Shura seen in the walls of the medical establishment, fans of the celeb began to worry. They wondered: is the contractor experiencing problems with the psyche.

Reporters contacted the representative stars of show business Paul Departmentom, to uncover the truth about his diagnosis. He told reporters that the Shura complains of severe pain. According to Department, the singer just has a cold and is undergoing therapy.

“He’s got a bilateral ear infection and a very sore ears. No depression and a nervous breakdown there. Yes, he daily goes to the hospital for physiotherapy, antibiotics and drinking hard treated,” – said the representative of the artist.

Malaise celebrity Shura tied on his recent trip to Siberia. The singer went on tour in Yakutsk. “Imagine, we have with Moscow, the time difference is 6 hours plus the weather is different,” says Department. According to Paul, now in a distant city very warmly, and when the artist returned to the capital, he was expecting cool weather, dampness and rain. Therefore, as suggested by the representative figure of show business, he has a cold.

Despite the fact that Shura was feeling unwell, he continued to appear. The artist has fought it off and did not stop again. Star still attends presentations and other public events. The singer does not complain of health problems. “Temperature he did not have so much pain,” he said Departmet. During the conversation with the correspondent Sobesednik.ru Paul also said that all colleagues figure in show business I hope for a speedy recovery.

Add that on 20 may, the Shura will celebrate his birthday. The star will turn 42 years old. Fans of celebrities are going to wish him happiness in his personal life, because in a recent interview, Alex openly admitted that he has never met his love. “Heart lonely no time for that. I hope that will come when someone will knock at the door. I still look good”, – told the artist in the program “the Five senses”. In addition, the contractor reported that he was able to accept this condition, but “warm-heartedness” it is still lacking.