The representative of Sergey Zakharov clarified the situation with his / her hospitalisation

Представитель Сергея Захарова прояснила ситуацию с его госпитализацией Journalists report that the people’s artist of the Russian Federation urgently appealed for medical assistance. According to media reports, Zakharov is on treatment in Botkinsky hospital. A source close to the singer says that it feels good. The details of the incident are specified.

      Представитель Сергея Захарова прояснила ситуацию с его госпитализацией

      Today in mass media there was information that the 66-year-old people’s artist of Russia Sergey Zakharov was urgently hospitalized. According to journalists, the actor was one of the best hospitals in Moscow, with pain in region of heart. It was also alleged that the specialists diagnosed Zakharova toxic poisoning and prescribed therapy.

      News about the treatment of a famous singer has excited his fans. They began wishing she rather go on the amendment. Later, there is evidence that Zakharov is in intensive care for cardiac patients, reported media citing help Desk Botkin hospital. The details of what happened with the singer, are specified.

      “StarHit” contacted the representative celebrity Larissa Butyrina to know about the health of the contractor. According to the woman, at the moment Sergey Georgievich does not complain of health problems.

      “Everything is fine, alive and well,” – said the representative of the artist “StarHit”.

      Sergey Zakharov, a famous pop singer, was born on may 1 1950 in the city of Nikolaev. It is not only people’s artist of the Russian Federation, honored worker of arts of RSFSR. The contractor previously married, and in 1969 had a daughter Natalia. In 1992 she gave him a granddaughter of Stanislaus, and in 1996 the grandson of Jan.

      Zakharov became a national favorite in the 70s After the singer received the prestigious awards at international competitions in Bulgaria and Poland, he was recognized as one of the most popular artists of the USSR. High handsome and charismatic, quickly managed to attract the attention of millions of inhabitants of a great country. Business card Zakharov – its stunning and inimitable baritone. In addition, fans of Sergei Georgievich sincerely admire his stylish stage manner – we all know that the celebrity loves coats black and white. Critics have noted that the manner of singing people’s artist of the Russian Federation have a deep lyricism, expressiveness and sincerity.

      The artist lives and works in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the suburb of the cultural capital of Zelenogorsk. Celebrity has toured extensively throughout Russia and other countries of the world. Since 2011, the Zakharov – patron of the International festival of Russian song in the UK.

      It should be noted that Zakharov is famous not only as singer, but as a public figure. The star is a Deputy Chairman of the Union concert figures of St. Petersburg. Every year this organization holds charity performances.