Представитель Киркорова разъяснил ситуацию со скандалом в Ялте Preparing for the show king of the Russian stage in the resort town turned into a scandal. Local residents were unhappy that trucks with stage equipment artist blocked the passage to the waterfront. The representative of the singer shared her opinion about the situation.

Show Philip Kirkorov “I” can be called truly revolutionary. The singer tried to make it to the concert program has caused excitement among the audience. However, an event of this magnitude requires a decent amount of stage equipment.

Recently, residents of the city expressed their indignation over the fact that the truck Kirkorov blocked their passage to the waterfront and nearby shops. People argued that because of the arrival of an artist it became more difficult to get into the yards of their homes.

Soon the indignant criticism was also joined by the Deputy of the state Council Oleg Pehterev. The man argued that due to the presence of trucks suffered a fresh asphalt tile, which laid a week before the arrival of the king of pop.

The official representative of the actor decided to speak about an unpleasant situation. “StarHit” was able to learn about the causes and characteristics of the conflict.

“The concert hall “Jubilee” is not really conveniently located, and it has only one entrance, through which you can drive trucks with stage equipment. This entrance is located just off the boardwalk, where they were placed trucks. However, they have not blocked the traffic and was located so as not to disturb anyone,” – said the head of the press service of the singer Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky.

It is worth noting that Philip has traveled with the show, not only the whole of Russia, but also several foreign countries. Previously, no charges in destruction of public property or the inconvenience were reported. The team of the singer always manages to put stage equipment so that it does not disturb anyone. “I want to note that there is no damage to the local asphalt tile was not applied. Drivers of trucks with stage equipment specially move slowly, to avoid such unpleasant situations. The question is not about the APC or the tank, so about any damage to the asphalt or tile can not be considered”, – said the head of press service of the artist.

According to Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky, Kirkorov did not apologize to the residents of Yalta. This situation is very unpleasant for the king of Russian pop, but this does not prevent him to continue the tour.

“Philip intends to continue to delight audiences with their large-scale show, despite this strange case”, – said Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky.