The reporters found that from Pugacheva wanted detained at her house a woman

Журналисты выяснили, чего от Пугачевой хотела задержанная у ее дома женщина

Exactly a week ago at the castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin in the village of Mud was detained a woman in hijab. She wandered around the house pair and seemed to the staff of the star couple too suspicious. It was decided to call law enforcement officers, which would have established a reason why she behaves not absolutely adequately.

On the scene left the police, detained the woman and seized the things that she had with him. Special police attention was drawn to the literature that was in the bag Madina (name withheld). The journalists managed to learn that from Ingushetia, she brought extremist literature, which is commonly found among the adherents of ISIS: “on the one hand, it seems that not a woman. But you have to check whether it is connected with any extremist organizations. ISIS actively recruiting Russians into their ranks and preparing terrorist attacks, but prevent them on time. The question of where she got these books, Madina really can not answer. If her bag was lying in the Quran – no problem! But the presence of extremist literature leads to the suspicion. Books are seized and sent for detailed examination”, — told the press informant.

Incidentally, Madina says that she is a “messenger of Allah”. Supposedly, she had a dream from which realized that Alla Pugacheva waiting for her and went to the Diva.

A woman saved her money on the road, from the train got on the ride, and once in the village, from afar I saw the spire of the castle. Law enforcement agencies claim that the mental health of Madina does not meet the standards, “According to preliminary version, the woman is not quite adequate, so she was sent to a psychiatric clinic for examination, where she is now. With Pugacheva and Galkina took the statements that they have no claims to that person”.