The Red Bull is accused of murder

Компанию Red Bull обвиняют в убийстве

“You killed my child” — so the letter began Ann to laemmli company Red Bull. The son of this woman, 44-year-old William, died in 2014 from cardiac arrest caused by the energy drink. To forgive the loss of her son Ann not going, and sued the company.

To laemmli sure that Red Bull knew that the drink carries a mortal danger, but did nothing to warn customers. In its lawsuit, the woman claims that William died from cardiac arrest after the use of “toxic amounts of caffeine and other chemicals” and also the results of several studies showing negative health effects from the popular worldwide beverage.
“Red Bull never warned their customers about those multiple risks associated with the drink, including hypertension and cardiovascular disease,” said Ann.
Lmli requires the court to charge the company $ 35 million in damages. Red Bull has not commented on the situation.

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