Признание Иосифа Кобзона об обмане Софии Ротару спровоцировало скандал
Legendary actor called his colleague the “Queen of soundtracks”.

Sofia Rotaru, Joseph Kobzon


Joseph Kobzon inadvertently provoked a real scandal, the chief “defendant” of which was a 70-year-old Sofia Rotaru. People’s artist told about that mainly acts at their concerts with live sound, but in his career was a situation when he had to sing under a soundtrack. This was due to technical requirements, for example, during the recording of “Blue lights”, according to Kobzon, often use this trick.

Joseph Davidovich acknowledges that he didn’t like the lack of live sound at concerts, as he can play in this mode. But Rotaru, according to Kobzon, is simply the “Queen of soundtracks”. The legendary artist said that Sofia Mikhailovna has a unique talent to “fool” the audience. Even standing close to the singer at a concert is almost impossible to determine she sings live or not.

“Master of singing under a soundtrack – Sleepyhead Rotaru. She brilliantly gets to a previously recorded song will stand beside you, but never know what she’s singing. Me singing under the plywood is tough because all of my songs have a powerful literary Foundation. And how are you going to open your mouth in vain, say during the performance “Field, Russian field”? It is necessary to be experienced to understand. It is foolish to look and appeal to the beloved, sung to the soundtrack. The artist is discouraged emotionally and psychologically” — quoted by Joseph Davidovich Dni.ru.

It should be noted that the statement Kobzon had great resonance in the Network. Many fans Rotaru outraged artist on Rotaru, protecting your favorite singer.