Рецепт семейного счастья Наташи Королевой

In the 90-ies of the yellow tulips are not only stealing from public flowerbeds, so as not to go empty handed on a date, but they sang together with Queen Natasha the whole country! This is the first hit, written for her by Igor Nikolayev, and that he made her a star! On the tulips a whole generation!
“A little scary, when you look back and realize that it’s been 30 years of your creative activity, because the song “Yellow tulips” celebrates 30 years!” — aware singer.
For this reason Natalia is going to organize a jubilee concert, which will sound its best hits. Though her song 30, and the passport winks at figure 46, it, like any woman, refers to this philosophically! Natasha does not recognize any of the numbers, she thinks she’s still the same dreamer and is geared toward vitality – it is the singer a full Cup! She’s as fiery as they were 30 years ago, as if time it is not subject to!

Рецепт семейного счастья Наташи Королевой
The fact that the artist is still the same berry, it demonstrates regularly on his page in Instagram – when in revealing costumes, and when without them. The singer says that he keeps himself in shape, because she has a handsome husband, a well-known stripper and fitness model Sergey Glushko.
“The husband of course stimulates because, when there is such beauty figure you’re just an extra piece of Goodies I can’t afford!”, — Natasha laughs.
It was the husband of the actress taught the whole family to the sport and to nutrition.
“I have completely eliminated from your diet dairy products, sugar and bread!”, — shares the secrets of the Queen.
Incidentally, the actress happily married for many years, 16 years after the official triumph of painting, 18 years experience. The actress admits that could save their feelings, because often separate.

“He’s leaving, I’m leaving, we have the opportunity to leave, and then our meetings they are more colorful and lively,” — said the Queen.
For joint years, the couple managed to amass not only the joint hits, and a son Arkhip, who turned 18 years old. This year he entered the higher school of Economics. Despite the fact that man develops a serious profession, he dreams about something else entirely. He seriously enjoys singing and dreams of a singing career. Star mother supports this Arkhip and often are satisfied with it house concerts, that treats mom made treats.

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