The reason for the suicide of the daughter of the coach of CSKA could be fight with boyfriend

Причиной суицида дочери тренера ЦСКА могла стать ссора с бойфрендом Today it became known that the heir of the athlete died after falling from the window. According to preliminary data, shortly before the death of 20-year-old Alena had an argument with a young man. Law enforcement officers began checking on the fact of what happened.

      Причиной суицида дочери тренера ЦСКА могла стать ссора с бойфрендом

      Journalists report that killed the daughter of the coach of CSKA Igor Aksenov. 20-year-old Alena fell out of the window 23 floors. The tragedy happened on the night of 7 on 8 December. Aksenov neighbors first heard a loud cry coming from the street. Then they learned about what had happened and called an ambulance. However, arrived medical professionals are unable to help the heiress of the athlete, who died from injuries not compatible with life.

      According to preliminary data, Alena could commit suicide, but this information is unconfirmed. The girl’s parents told investigators that she regularly had problems in relations with a young man, Allen was too much. According to Igor Aksenov and Olga, they repeatedly talked to her about it and asked not to take every disagreement with a guy too hard. It is quite possible that he devoted one of the last entries on the page of the girl in social network “Vkontakte”. She published a poem in which there are the following lines

      I’ll never love
      If it starts, immediately ask to kill you.
      That was not a foolish suffering
      So there was loud crying.
      Please take love ability
      I have expired love life.
      Not the right storage conditions,
      Too fatally.

      Причиной суицида дочери тренера ЦСКА могла стать ссора с бойфрендом

      Media representatives claim that shortly before his death, Alain met up with her boyfriend. That fatal evening the young people had a quarrel, and the girl, apparently, fell into another depression.

      According to journalists, Igor Aksenov found out about the death of his daughter in that moment, when he was abroad. This he told his wife, Olga, who after the incident were hospitalized in one of capital clinics with a nervous breakdown. Correspondents report that the woman took very seriously what happened and blames himself for that failed to prevent the death of his daughter.

      After learning about the tragic incident, Feldman immediately went to Moscow from London. He was abroad in connection with the match against CSKA London “Tottenham”. Recall that the game ended with the score 1:3 in favor of the British.

      Currently, law enforcement officers began investigation into the incident. The investigators carefully study the materials and understand the circumstances of the case. After the investigation is completed, there will be a procedural decision, according to