Причиной развода Николаса Кейджа стала измена жены

News about divorce 52-year-old Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Nicholas cage and his young wife Alice Kim, with whom he had been married for almost twelve years, shocked the fans, but more recently he praised their marriage and spouse interviews. Jinxed. As it turned out, the cause of the breakup is quite simple – a 32-year-old wife cheated on her famous husband.

“Nick was blinded by grief when he learned that Alice cheated on him. And during Cannes film festival, he received confirmation of this” — the insider said, without specifying what kind of confirmation was received by the cage.
“The reality is that Alice is seen in Nevada with another man, they were even caught kissing. She cheated on Nicholas, and it was obvious,” said another source.
The news about the separation could be someone’s unfunny joke or another “newspaper duck”, but the representative of the actor has confirmed that Nicholas and Alice filed for divorce.
Recall that they met in 2004, when Kim was nineteen years old and she worked as a waitress. The novel was rapid, and two months later they played the engagement, and there before the wedding was not far away. Soon the couple had their only child, the son of El-Kala, which is now ten years old. To Alice Nicholas was married twice before – to actress Patricia Arquette and daughter of Elvis Presley Lisa Maria Presley.

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