Причина смерти звезды «Дома-2» привела в шок телезрителей
The media learned of the circumstances of the death of Maria Natalia Politov.

Maria Politova

Photo: Social networks

In the history of the death of Maria Natalia Politov set point. Forensic experts came to the conclusion that the death of a star “Houses-2” were not enforced. It is reported that the death of Mary was triggered by cardiac arrest due to hypothermia. In other words, Politova froze to death.

It is supposed that the girl because of a quarrel with her lover consumed some amount of alcohol, which in patients receiving antidepressants gave side effect. Mary fell sharply pressure, so that she could go to sleep on the street. “The girl failed to mix alcohol and antidepressants. They had decreased pressure. Maria went outside, fell in the snow and fell asleep. The immediate cause of death was acute cardiac insufficiency on the background of hypothermia,” reports the Telegram channel Mash.

Recall that a few days before Maria was found dead, she was gone. Reported missing by her husband Artyom Shnurov. He immediately went to the police, where he gave a detailed description of the clothing that Mary left home. Subscribers microblog star Artem advised to seek help not only the police, but in the famous search organization Liza Alert. After some time, because of false information in the Network, cedepesca went to the ex-boyfriend in Murmansk oblast, the search was severely hampered and even stopped.