The really cute of the day: cats of the canadian tourists the Bolt and Kil

Милота дня: канадские коты-туристы Болт и Кил

Tailed-whiskered brothers go to the mountains and down Dale, ride in canoes and sleeping in the tent.

Cats travelers to inform the public concerned about the travel being serious – they have a page on Instagram with nearly 30 thousand subscribers, and your own website.

Of course, some help in the travel they have and the owners are residents of a canadian town Victoria the Kahlan Wanderi and Danielle Gamble that seals picked up near a garbage container in a local Park, when younger brother was a month old.

“Literally the next day after they found them, we went on a hike full of adventures, tells Kahlan to People magazine. The seals loved it, and we are very fond of them. And although at first we planned to give them to a shelter, as we are often not at home, but now we do not even think about it – the Bolt and keel constantly with us.”

And now the keel Bolt and escorted Kahlan and Daniel in all tourist routes in the wild nature and Hiking, and rafting.

“If it becomes scary, we put them in a backpack, reads the caption in Instagram. – They feel safer”.

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