“The real father of the baby?” Anna Sedokova blew up the social networks with the unexpected

«Настоящий отец малыша?» Анна Седокова взорвала соцсети неожиданным снимком
The singer made fans to talk about her new Beau.

Anna Sedokova with her son Hector and Anatoliy Tsoy

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

The latest publication Anna Sedokova in social networks are not a little intrigued by her fans. In the photo shared in the microblog singer, she was depicted with a three-month son Hector, and 28-year-old lead singer of the band M-Band Anatoliy Tsoy. Fans believe that the photo confirms the rumors that the baby’s father is not the son of a millionaire —Artem Komarov, and longtime friend Anna — Anatoly.

In the caption to the frame Sedokova left image multiple hearts. The Anna in a few minutes “blew up” the Network. In the comments to it there were hundreds of comments that some fans have expressed doubt that Choi could be the father of Hector, and others are convinced that Anna made the official recognition.

“That can’t be!” “I’m shocked, but very happy for you,” “Yes, just sitting together. Funny”, “don’t believe! Was the same old, Hector’s father — Artem… Maybe it’s a joke?” “If true, the news is just bomber!” — written by fans of Anna and Anatoly. The intrigue added a comment Natalia Employment, which wrote: “Well, finally you stopped lurking! You are so beautiful!”

Reason to doubt that Sedokova really gave birth to a third child from the soloist of the popular group is still there. The fact that Anna for many years with Anatoly friendly and repeatedly denied rumors of a romance with him. Recall that some time ago, Anna announced the imminent wedding with the father of Hector. If it is assumed that it is Choi, then soon the lovers, on the assertions, will soon need to formalize the relationship.