The rating of service quality in DIY retail

Рейтинг качества обслуживания в DIY ритейле

Visiting of shop of products for construction and repair usually takes a lot of time, especially if you are not well versed in the specifics. Without professional knowledge of product selection becomes a lottery, and the chances that all will be able to buy the first time, tend to zero. That is why service and consulting work of employees of DIY-retailers are playing a huge value for buyers.

Рейтинг качества обслуживания в DIY ритейле

American company BINO CX, specializing in the measurement of customer experience using the techniques of mystery shopping, in December 2017, conduct an independent study of service quality in the largest DIY chains-hypermarkets and supermarkets. The sample included Leroy Merlin, OBI, STD “Petrovich”, K-Rauta, Castorama, Saturnstroymarket, Construction yard and Maxidom.

Mystery shoppers BINO made 20 visits to each point of the network located in different cities of Russia. The main criteria of the study were made by the cleanliness and order in the sales area, range, appearance and professionalism of the staff. Assessed the skills of identifying customer needs and sales pitch, handling objections, focus on sale and finally the service at the checkout. All estimates Saparov converted to a percentage, where 100% is a brilliant implementation of basic standards DIY-retail.

Place in ratingonline% compliance обслуживания1Строительный двор85%2K РАУТА84%3Петрович84%4СатурнСтройМаркет83%5Castorama78%6Леруа Мерлен71%7ОБИ70%8Максидом63%

Interestingly, the first 4 places were not the biggest in the world, the scale of the network. Most mystery shoppers said that stores Construction yard seemed available and homemade, and their consultants were almost always on top. Of the minuses — a limited range. Consultants STD “Petrovich” pleasantly surprised by the professional service, despite the fact that they had long to wait.

In hypermarkets Leroy Merlin and OBI all expected impressed a huge selection of products for every taste and festive decoration. However, the indifference and lack of initiative staff, and the need to look for them in the trading room, disappointed many reviewers. Networks Maksidom should pay attention to personnel training consultants are mostly indifferent to visitors and not good at range, suffer cleanliness in sales areas and display of goods.

Surprisingly, the outlets in Moscow, showed a weaker result than regional. Describing his impressions of a visit to Leroy Merlin in Moscow, one reviewer noted that several employees “were talking about personal stuff, laughing loudly for the whole room, and to attract their attention, had to come over. The alternative to the expensive the product was not offered, but the employee was treated extremely reluctant to have the feeling that he wants to get rid of me”.

Amazing that at such a high competition and significant costs to attract buyers, even foreign networks do not care about customer experience management. This is the second study BINO, which shows the advantage of Russian companies in matters of service and customer care.