The rapper told what it’s like to work with Kanye West

Рэпер рассказал, каково это работать с Канье Вестом

One of the protégés of the American rapper Kanye West Chance the Rapper spoke of his work with celebrity. In an interview with Teen Vogue young rap Prodigy spoke about unreal conditions and the “crazy” Kanye.

“Vest is a unique artist who I have never met a person who does so many things at one time. We rented a Studio in which there were several rooms at the same time was recording a few songs, and Kanye back and forth, working both of you. Besides, in each room there were several people who pondered how to improve the song and make a wonderful show.
Once in the room with me was producer of the film “LEGO”, a programmer and a magician who was thinking how it is possible technically to make Kanye disappeared from the stage during a performance. I honestly don’t know whether he is,” said the rapper.
Told Chance the Rapper, and that Kanye is always very Frank. This also applies to the public, and people from his entourage.
“His honesty has a huge potential and importance to all of us. He has such a strong idea that, even in the details he can see the future hit,” said the rapper. He was very flattered that the West saw in him potential.
“I am a young guy from Chicago who grew up on the music of Kanye. He has always been and remains for me a model of hip-hop. Sometimes I was scared to Express their point of view, especially if it is contrary to his opinion, but he always listens to other people’s desires, and this is important,” said Chance the Rapper.