The Queen volunteered to represent Russia at Eurovision-2017″

Королева вызвалась представлять Россию на «Евровидении-2017»

The singer said that as a native Ukrainian, could present at the competition Russia.

Since the announcement of the results of the music contest, in which our singer Sergey Lazarev took third place in social networks is debatable. Who will go on “Eurovision-2017”, if you consider that defeated the representative of Ukraine, and many of our artists there is not waiting for? Yet the leaders on the proposals Sergey Shnurov, but suddenly, there was another candidate. Natasha Koroleva said that it could represent Russia!

My opinion about the last competition was expressed by all the stars involved or uninvolved in the world of music. Natasha Koroleva has decided to speak out only a day later and shocked the fans.

First, the singer admitted that in February she acted as the Director of the video for that same song Jamala, which became the winner of “Eurovision-2016”. The video became the creative work of Natasha for admission in New York Film Academy. Video appreciated, and the singer became a student!

And secondly, the star wrote that, if she were 10 years younger, it would have acted herself in the competition and, as a native Ukrainian, has submitted to Russia to revive the friendship of peoples.

Oh, The Eurovision Song Contest! This video is for the song Jamala I took in February and sent to New York Film Academy as their creative work registra, operator and montara in one person!!! Unexpectedly for the whole of Europe won’t format very difficult song Jamala, also to my surprise the I was invited to study in this prestigious University!!!!! Friends, I want to say to all of us, art has no borders, no hatred and can not be an aggressive confrontation!!! This year’s Eurovision gave the world a lot of strong artists and songs. My favourites were Armenia, Australia, Austria, Georgia, Ukraine and of course Russia!!! Very decent room presented Sergey Lazarev led by Philip Kirkorov, but everybody loves a winner! Congratulations to Russia on winning the vote of the viewers and Jamal with a victory in the most important music competition!P. S. Oh,if I were ten years younger … I’d be happy to perform at the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine, so, being a native Ukrainian, to represent Russia for the revival of millennial friendship and love between our fraternal peoples! Oh, prabachan! Tsey, video the movie for psny Jamali I snala in the dead of vidpravila in New York Film Academy Yak its Creator, the robot Director, operator, editor, in one ladies !!! Yak, nicodano for sun, urope Peremoga foldable not showsm format PSNA Jamali, takozh, nicodano for mene samo mene requested to pass navchannya in this prestigious University !!!!! Friends, I want to say VSM us, mistetstvo cordon dumb, dumb voronech not Mauger Buti agressive, Protestant !!! In this rots probachennja podarowano sutow bagato silnih wykonawca, pceng. Do me a favorite Buli Urmana, Australia, Austro, Shipping, Stolen , of course, Rosa !!! Duzhe gdni room presenting Sergey of Lazar on Chol s Flom Kirkorovym, ale peremogu not sudate! The WCO Rosy z Peremoga in golowan of telepads Jamal z Peremoga in most digit musicname contest!P. S. Oh,Bula bi I Roku ten molodshy.. I Yak Bula b happy, vistupili for the contest probachennja in the Ukrane, dwellers, being ukradkoy, predstavljati Rosy for vidrodjennya, desacato, type of the building !!!

Video posted by Natasha Koroleva (@natellanatella) May 15 2016 at 3:24 PDT

Fans of Queen responded ambiguously. Some felt that Natasha knowingly published a clip of Jamala, and looking forward to what’s going to be a scandal, because fans of Sergey Lazarev and already are offended by the judges at the contest, and then there’s Natasha adds fuel to the fire…

But most members of the singer’s words about the participation in “Eurovision-2017” was picked up. After all, it’s a way out! Natasha is loved and at home in Russia, she’s a great singer, recognizable, and you have to bring your spouse to the speech of Tarzan, then you will break all! And on the age of the performer suffers in vain. What are its years?

By the way, the audience is invited to nominate his candidacy to contest the soloist “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurova. Surprisingly, this decision was supported by the Vice-Premier of RF Dmitry Rogozin. The politician posted on his “Twitter” (the authenticity of this account is confirmed officially) portrait of a musician with the caption: “Win will not win, but somewhere all of them will send”. Read more here.

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