The Queen Natalia was suspected of plastic surgery

Наталью Королеву заподозрили в пластической операции
The singer was surprised by the changed appearance.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @natellanatella (Instagram Natalia Koroleva)

New selfie Natasha Koroleva became the hearth for the emergence of rumors that the singer allegedly had plastic surgery. Fans noticed that the artist on the published picture does not look like themselves. “It is also made of plastic? Not know beloved Queen…”, “What happened to her I do not understand, can lift? Some became quite different, Or bad photo or Natasha “transformed” surgeon…” — wrote Natasha.

It is worth noting that perhaps the Queen had played a “cruel joke” make-up executed at this time in her unusual neutral tones. Most likely, fans just used to seeing the singer with a brighter smoky eye, which she usually chooses to go on stage. Incidentally, in the microblog Queen, you can often find homemade photo artist, where she shows face and no makeup. According to him, while the singer definitely doesn’t need surgery, because it looks for 43 years just fine.

By the way, the picture appeared in the social networks was made before the speech by the Queen at the concert “radio Dacha”, held recently in Crocus city Hall.