Королева объявила конкурс на место посудомойки во дворце
For the coveted place will fight the most deserving candidates.

On the official website of the Royal family appeared
ad: “Urgently needed a new dishwasher in Buckingham Palace”. In this case
provided that candidate who will be found worthy, will be assigned quite a decent salary — 17
thousand pounds a year.

Further clarifies that of experience in
the specialty is not required. However, not everyone will be able to
this work. The candidate will be charged with quite high requirements.

First of all, as stated on the website, in addition to the perfect
reputation, the applicant must have good communication skills and ability
cohesively work in a team. Moreover, in addition to wash plates and other utensils, the candidate must prove his ability to maintain all equipment in perfect condition.
Not to mention the fact that periodically it will be necessary to assist the chefs in
cooking — especially in the case of
large receptions. However, in normal mode it is, as specified, on
daily maintenance of several hundred people, including state workers!In addition, the applicant for the position should keep in mind
that, of necessity, he will have to work not only in the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II — Buckingham Palace,
but in the other places of residence of members of the Royal family.

When you consider all of the above,
this salary is not so big. However,
it is expected that the competition for the position of dishwasher is a serious…

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