The Queen had the bride Harry unprecedented honor

Королева оказала невесте Гарри невиданную честь
Elizabeth II sacrificed tradition for the sake of the beloved grandson.

Королева оказала невесте Гарри невиданную честь

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Love story Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is developing with an unprecedented
the British Royal family rate. It took another year and a half, as
the Prince began to meet his beloved, and they are officially engaged. And
this despite the fact that, according to tradition, adopted his family, Harry had before
to care for Megan at least two years. And
after all, the Duchess Catherine, at the time, had to wait for 10 years when she
favorite William will propose to her, for which she was nicknamed then “patient

Now there was something altogether incredible: as it became known, the Queen
Elizabeth officially invited Megan for Christmas to his estate Sandringham,
where do you usually meet her family. But, according to the unwritten rule here was allowed previously, only married couples.
So, the Duchess of Cambridge was not invited to Royal Christmas until, until I held her wedding with
William.That is, Elizabeth broke her same established tradition for Harry!

Elizabeth II


Fortunately, Katherine is not vindictive, and
not at all offended by the fact that Markle, beloved brother of her husband William,
everything is much simpler and faster than her. Moreover, it is claimed,
Kathryn volunteered to take on the role of teacher Megan. After all, the American Markle
have to comprehend the many rules and intricacies of court etiquette, and accepted
in the Royal family. Besides, the Duchess, which now bears his
third child, can help Megan
to learn how to navigate what approach is to find for each of the family members
Elizabeth. Interestingly, at the time, Catherine was also voluntary
assistant, her role is fulfilled, then the wife of her father-in-law Prince Charles — Camilla.