The Queen forbids Duchess Megan eat garlic

Королева запретила герцогине Меган есть чеснок
Elizabeth II refused the newly minted daughter-in-law in another pleasure.

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle


Royal etiquette — it is complex and subtle. Accustomed to the observance of all rules of etiquette — a long path which will have to go Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, just a month ago became a full member of the Royal family. But the status of the Duchess of Sussex, which American actress received as a wedding gift from my grandmother of her husband, requires sacrifice. For example, Megan is now banned… there’s garlic. Elizabeth II hates the smell of garlic, it has long been known, and its chefs are not publicly talked about this. No garlic of the spirit it will not tolerate even from his wife the beloved grandson.

Megan is bad news. Because she loves and knows how to cook, many times been in Italy and Italian cuisine, as we know is inconceivable without this vegetable, in a word, Megan, unlike the current Queen — garlic loves and can not imagine life without him. But I have to. Although officially prohibition of garlic and garlic smell applies only to public places but at home, in a private setting, its use is not forbidden, it is clear that in reality to carry out this “number” is impossible. The smell of too long with him not to fight, and Megan, of course, will not risk the location of the grandmother of the Prince for the sake of their old habits.

In the end, Megan taught the correct way to brew tea before the wedding. She will learn to do without the garlic seasoning. As, however, and from the bow. Explicit prohibition in the court on this vegetable does not exist, but if someone smells his scent in the presence of the Queen to be trouble. It is hoped that Megan that the “suspect” in pregnancy, will not be because of his sensitive position to dream about the ill-fated garlic. Official statements about the pregnancy of the Duchess of Kensington Palace has not yet been reported, but the fact that her new husband Prince Harry did not take it with him on an official visit, says a lot.

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