The Queen came up with the punishment for the father of Meghan Markle

Королева придумала наказание для отца Меган Маркл
Thomas Markle tricked a trust of Elizabeth.

Королева придумала наказание для отца Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle, which after the wedding with Prince Harry, the Queen bestowed the title
Duchess of Sussex, was in a very awkward position. It
the father agreed to give a television interview in which he said a lot of “extra”, after which Elizabeth has said he does not want to see or hear of Thomas Markle. Man forever never see any
the event involving his daughter or any of the members of the Royal family.

But Thomas was so excited to get into the Palace! During your interview, Markle, in
particular, lamented the fact that he was a shame to watch on TV, how
Prince Charles walked Megan to the altar. “I was terribly jealous…” she admitted
Markle. Then he couldn’t come to the wedding daughter because of health problems.
But now he deprived himself of the ability to see anything associated with the topic
Royal wedding. Except that he dares to come to London as usual

But most of all, the Queen is angered by the fact that Thomas “sold out”: he gave this controversial interview for big money. The man received for an interview he gave to Piers Morgan, presenter
British TV show Good Morning Britain,
eight and a half thousand

Especially members of the Royal family was outraged that Thomas had dared to retell
his phone conversations with his son-in-law
Prince Harry. Not only that, he
blabbed a lot about personal relationships Megan and Prince (that’s not
intended for public
the announcement). Markle also allow himself to discuss the political views of Harry. At the end of the interview, Thomas said that now his daughter and her husband
“very actively working to make the kids.” It is inappropriate revelation
finally brought the Queen out.

Thomas Markle


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