The published results of the DNA test Vadim Kazachenko

Обнародованы результаты ДНК-теста Вадима Казаченко
It became known whether the singer is the father of 9-month-old son of Olga.

Обнародованы результаты ДНК-теста Вадима Казаченко

Vadim Kazachenko


Olga Kazachenko with his son Philip

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The intrigue about whether Vadim Kazachenko father of 9-month-old son Philip, who bore his wife Olga, finally revealed. Not long ago, the artist has given consent to undergo in court test to establish paternity. Today, the Network has released the results of the examination.

“The probability that Kazachenko Vadim Gennadievich is indeed the biological father, Philip V. Kazachenko, the results of this examination is not less than 99,99999998%. An expert study should be considered to be completed,” – stated in the conclusions of the Russian center of judicial medical expertise of the Ministry of health. According to the documents, Vadim is the father of a young Philip, reports

Recently, Vadim said that if it is proved the fact of his paternity, of course he will pay child support (their size will be established later in court). But to support his wife or to somehow financially support Kazachenko flatly refused. He is sure that Olga is able to go out and earn her desired amount.

By the way, recently Kazachenko has filed a lawsuit with the intent to sue the mother of his child a vacation home that was purchased during the marriage. Interestingly, Olga says, she paid for the property itself. But Irina Amanti, Director Kazachenko, says that the house was purchased with the money of Vadim. Who is right in this dispute, will be determined in court. By the way, Olga, and so should the husband 1 million rubles in compensation for costs, which took the October before marriage registration.