The published correspondence between johnny Depp c financial managers

Опубликована переписка Джонни Деппа c финансовыми менеджерами

Litigation between Hollywood actor johnny Depp and his financial managers Joel and Rbom Mendalami continue. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” continues to insist that the financial collapse was unexpected, and $ 25 million – the amount that will satisfy him after an unsuccessful cooperation. Former managers insist that the long-warned johnny: he lives beyond his means, and could soon lose everything earned during his long career. To prove this, they published more than one hundred pages of correspondence in which they were asked to rate their well-being more realistic.
In particular, this can be seen in one of his letters, 2009.

“I’m doing everything I can to balance holiday spending, but can only do as I must. I want my family and children feel better,” replied johnny, giving to understand that to slow down is not intended. Depp also told the managers that his new income will cover all expenses (there were fees for the film “the Tourist” — $ 20 million, “pirates of the Caribbean” — $ 35 million “Dark shadows” 20 million dollars).
As we all know, even these huge sums of money could not keep johnny from financial problems, and now Depp sells not only real estate, but also cars, paintings, books and other valuables, the collection of which collected for many years.