Публикация Анны Михалковой о сыне вызвала резонанс в Сети
Grandson Nikita refused service in the store.

Anna Mikhalkova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Anna Mikhalkova shared experiences. The other day her 17-year-old son, Andrew refused service… in a bookstore. The son of actress went there to buy the works of Sergei Dovlatov. But the young man didn’t sell the right books, as they contain profanity, and Andrew has not yet reached the age of majority.

Anna commented on this story in his microblog. She reacted with irony to the incident. Mikhalkov said that the guys who are interested in literature, you need to have special attention and certainly not to deny the pleasure to acquire works of the classics. “Yesterday Andrew and his companion is not sold in book Dovlatov because it is profanity! I think that to any young who himself went to buy the book should run up with a bouquet of flowers, a bag of chips, a can of Coca Cola… maybe even with a glass of beer!” — wrote Mikhalkov.

This publication provoked a discussion of the objectivity of the act of the seller, and Anne about it. Many did not like that Mikhalkov offers, even in jest, “to meet the” alcoholic drink of Teens in bookstores. “It seems not, it seems, is the law. Any claim to the store in this case? You people do not understand — to break the law is bad, to observe again bad! Well, with the Cola and chips and generally did, I swear! I found something to promote! Children! Beer dragged to the heap!”, “Censorship is censorship”, “I Propose to solder the youth?” — write users.

Son#1 son#2 Dreamers.

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Most likely, the work of the Soviet writer son of Anna became interested in after the recent premiere of “iron curtain” with Milan Maric and Svetlana Khodchenkova. The picture of Alexei German Jr. recently, by the way, was noted by critics at the Berlin film festival. The Russian movie won a Silver bear for artistic value (the prize was awarded to Elena Trench — costume designer).