The publication of a daughter of Igor Krutoy has caused a flurry of ridicule in the Network

Публикация дочки Игоря Крутого вызвала шквал насмешек в Сети
Victoria was criticized for “plastic” ears.

Vika Krutaya

Photo: @Instagram victoriakrut Victoria Cool

Victoria Cool provoked a strong reaction of bloggers saying the other day that had the procedure to restore… young ears. For extended wear major decorations at the daughter of the Russian composer, deformed earlobes. To fix this unfortunate flaw in the appearance of the 32-year-old Victoria appealed for help to a popular plastic surgeon.

“I always sleep in earrings and often wear very heavy earrings so I have slightly stretched ears , thank you Dr. Lara What fixed it!” — wrote Network Cool.

Later Victoria was published in the microblog video footage of her ears returned to its former beauty. These images provoked a storm of derision from users of the Network. “Money no place to spend…”, “Nothing to do with what? Bullshit”, “Laughed to tears… Ears santalina just not pretty! Then the injections will not help”, “gravity will return to their seats. Money thrown to the wind”, “Young girl, have all shot up… what will happen next?”, “Pity will never help you become talented,” write critics in Victoria. The heiress of the Coolest attacks of enemies was ignored.