The psychologist from “House-2” Mikhail Kozlov was in the center of the scandal

Психолог из «Дома-2» Михаил Козлов оказался в центре скандала The man was detained in Minsk. One of the participants of the training Michael Kozlov has complained about him to law enforcement officers. The woman expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior specialist and said that he fraudulently took possession of her money.
Психолог из «Дома-2» Михаил Козлов оказался в центре скандала

The night before law enforcement officers detained the psychologist Mikhail Kozlov, known to many fans of the program “Dom-2”. The man advised the participants telestroke and expressed their opinions about what is happening on the project.

It is reported that the incident with the participation of a specialist occurred on Monday in the capital of Belarus. To law enforcement officers asked the participant of the event organized by Kozlov. She was outraged by the behavior of the man and accused him of fraudulent activity. Information about this appeared on the website of the Minsk city Executive Committee.

“Phone the police “102” call from a woman who said that in the course of the training against her was committed offensive actions humiliating honor and dignity. Also received a complaint that a citizen Kozlov roguish way took control of its cash funds in the amount of $ 250. Similar information was received at the same time and “trust” of the police Department of the Minsk city Executive Committee”, – is spoken in the message.

The staff of the Minsk narcotics and patrol police immediately drove to the scene. As a result, the participants were taken to the police station for investigation. They were released immediately after questioning. The psychologist had to stay in office for a longer period.

“Citizen Mikhail Kozlov is located in the district. Against him being tested in fact received statements, and in fact the legality of the execution of this training” – passed law enforcement officers.

Recall that the psychologist Mikhail Kozlov is married and has four children. For nearly ten years the man conducts personal growth trainings. In his spare time, the expert often appears in a live TV show – viewers saw him in the “House-2”, “Let them talk” and “live”. So, in one of the spring editions of channel one expert stood up for Anna Kalashnikov. Then the model is ready to become a mother a second time, but her plans never materialized – after a while the star of the TV show suffered a miscarriage.

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Психолог из «Дома-2» Михаил Козлов оказался в центре скандала“I came to the defense of Anna, which were all blamed her pregnancy, Anna Kalashnikov – done, activated the credit card, which is integrated in the lower chakra, and has all – and a range Rover and a Bentley, and children, and men from her. She doesn’t care what people think about her inhabitants”, – shared the goats in the personal microblog.

In another transfer Mikhail Kozlov answered the questions of TV presenter Olga Buzova. The psychologist explained how to choose a mate of the two contenders

Психолог из «Дома-2» Михаил Козлов оказался в центре скандала“The constant problem of women is that she doesn’t know what she wants. Women have a strange criterion for the selection of men. Called “butterflies in the abdomen”. Of the men, no one understands what it is. (…) Another factor is with whom you grow in relationships, and choose. But if you’re devolving and nothing new happens, don’t go”, – explained the expert.