Экстрасенс уверяет, что Дана Борисова требовала сделать секс-приворот на бывшего возлюбленного

Dana Borisova is a fiasco on the personal front. Life the presenter is not to say that folds safely. At the moment the only thing to be happy about the star is her daughter and more or less stable.

Despite setbacks, Borisov still does not give up to build their family happiness. For best result is Given even willing to seek the help of magicians and psychics.

As it turned out, not every mage is willing to keep the secret of his client, as it does, for example, a doctor or a lawyer.

Moscow psychic that she met Dana, happy talked to the press on the subject of personal life of a star.

The magician, working under the pseudonym Gera Scandal, gave journalists the fragments of personal correspondence with Dana, where she asks him to help her to establish her sex life: “I want he’s always wanted me. So we met for affection and sex. He has never Tr***St me!” — writes messages annoyed the star.

“About a month ago I was approached by Dana Borisova for help, asked to do a love spell on her lover. Wrote that she is suffering from loneliness, he is very strange behavior. They have no intimacy at all. I told her that this is a very serious step that the spell can have negative consequences. Well, for example, in her case the beloved could die after 8 years. However, Dan is not scared. She said that she was ready for anything this man was just her,” he told the MAG, adding that to the entreaties Borisova he did not budge and no love spell do not.

According to the man, he recommended Dan to first understand itself.

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