The psychiatrist suggested that he hears voices

Психиатр предположил, что Алексей Панин слышит голоса

While the Russians are collecting signatures under the petition, the result of which should become compulsory psychiatric treatment Alexei Panin, journalists asked for comments to the specialist psychiatrist, that he assessed the actions of the artist and said, can such a person raise a little daughter.

Recall that for the past week on Network roam video in which a famous actor of theatre and cinema is engaged in the outrages. He drunk in lingerie wanders through a residential area of the city and engaged in Masturbation, it comes into an intimate relationship with a man. Panin has said that these videos were stolen from the personal archive and made public with one aim – to discredit his name. Alex apologizes by saying that to blame alcohol and he allegedly ashamed to look at myself.
However, the audience this not satisfied with the answer: people want Panina afford to remove, and even store videos of similar content, the guardianship took daughter, and he was a psychiatric examination.
According to the psychiatrist Igor Lazarev, one of the desires of the public is not enough, you have to have compelling evidence that Alex is unsafe for the society.
“Maybe he hears voices, and that they forced him to do awful things. While the actor faces only an administrative penalty for his antics” — said the psychiatrist.
In this case the doctor just considers Alexei a healthy person with no mental disabilities, and in his strange scandalous actions of the psychiatrist sees the acting, which can be seen even in his behavior during the filming of TV programs.
Recall that Panin himself brings nine-year-old daughter, NUS, born in marriage with Julia Yudintseva. In April of this year, Alex announced to subscribers that the court has allowed the girl to live with his father, so he is now the guardian of the child on a full basis.