The psychiatrist reported the sensational facts about the centre, which was the Maryanov

Нарколог сообщил сенсационные факты о центре, в котором находился Марьянов Erken Imanbayev told about the employees. Shortly before his death, Dmitry Maryanov was in rehab and struggled with alcohol addiction. After a famous actor died, there are new details about his final days.
Нарколог сообщил сенсационные факты о центре, в котором находился Марьянов

Known actor Dmitry Maryanov died more than a week ago. Shortly before his death the man was in the suburban Lobnya. At some point he got sick, but the paramedics were unable to save the life of the artist. Relatives and friends are trying to figure out what exactly was the reason for the sudden death of Maranova. According to some reports, the actor had a clot. The daughter of Dmitry Marjanova had a premonition of his death

Dmitry Borisov in the program “Let them talk” discussed the complicated case. Many condemned the ambulance service for negligence. In the Studio, listened to the recorded conversation of a friend of Dmitry and employees of the medical institution. As it turned out, a friend had to talk to three operators, the last of which asked, did the Maryanov alcoholic beverages shortly before he became ill.

– He had booze, but he didn’t drink for two weeks – said a friend of the actor.

– Wait, but will have to wait, call a lot, – said the Manager.

Нарколог сообщил сенсационные факты о центре, в котором находился Марьянов

Leading “Let them talk” decided to find out, to observe whether the rules of the operators of the ambulance, when he accepted the challenge. One of the experts in the Studio noticed that the friend who rang for the ambulance, shouldn’t have said that drinking Maryanov, though for a long time. According to some guest, friend, addressed to doctors, it was worth noting that the help is needed the famous actor. However, many protested – because every person, regardless of fame and fortune, has the right to quality health care.

Experts also rushed to defend the employees of the ambulance, as they make so-called “sorting” of patients, highlighting the urgent calls.

The editors of “Let them talk” got in touch with the dispatcher who took the call other Maryanova. She reported that the application was canceled after four minutes. “The challenge I accepted, but they refused. I’m on vacation. The call was accepted, then cancelled,” said the operator of the ambulance.

Нарколог сообщил сенсационные факты о центре, в котором находился Марьянов

Experts in the Studio said that after the death of Marjanova was initiated two criminal cases and the rehabilitation center, which was the actor, was closed after his death.

Psychiatrist Erken Imanbaev said that such companies like that, where restored health Dmitry, get a license. He also noted that ideally the center should be specially trained professionals. Widow Marianov: “Dima was in a state of internal crisis”

Imanbayev made a statement which surprised all the guests in the Studio. As it turned out, the owner of the rehabilitation center worked, and many of those who helped fight addiction, not so long ago got rid of the addiction.

“It’s not the doctors, some are patients, many of them were treated for addiction, said Erken. – Oksana Bogdanova had worked as a consultant on chemical dependency”.