Прокуратура будет разбираться с Анной Калашниковой по заявлению Яны Гривковской

Anna Kalashnikova will have to answer in court for what she allegedly interferes with the happiness of Prokhor Chaliapin and his beloved Jan Grivkovsky.

Sue Anna and I decided it was Yana, who claims that the actress has damaged her honour and dignity, when he said that Grivkovsky tries to denigrate his ex-rival : “She blamed me for their breakup and said that I turned him against her and away. This is absurd! – outraged Jan. They didn’t do a day be together for real, no family, no love relationship. This is all a PR Kalashnikova, in which I was involved. After the fictitious story ended, she went on television and all the media with a statement that I’m a home wrecker. Got me into this s***s , and then extreme put!”

According to Hristovski, words Kalashnikova had a certain power, she believed, and now believe Jan a bad person, which she is not: “I simply have no strength to endure it, she embarrassed me, my honor and dignity, so I went to the Prosecutor’s office. Let him deal with her and her slander in my address”. The greatest lie in the address Grivkovsky were the words of Anna that Jan turned on her witch-witch who cursed her.”


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