The proposal by kit Harrington rose Leslie went wrong

Предложение Кита Харрингтона Роуз Лесли пошло не по плану

Recently became aware of the fact that the actors of the famous series “Game of thrones” kit Harrington and rose Leslie are engaged. The actor said on the show John Ross about how his proposal of marriage didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Предложение Кита Харрингтона Роуз Лесли пошло не по плану

The role of John snow admitted that he does not know how to do surprises. He just could not resist and offer get married to his girlfriend before going to. “I had a plan I want to make an offer. Everything was prepared. I was going to put the lights on the trees and create a romantic atmosphere, but, as usual, everything went according to plan. The day before we stood under the beautiful night sky, and I broke down and confessed to everything ahead,” says Harrington.

The couple is now planning a future wedding where Keith will have to talk to the Director about changing the schedule of the next season of “Game of thrones”. Moreover, the imminent trade will be closed, due to what his colleagues and friends will be able to come to the wedding.

“I called the producer and said, “I’m married, and it’s your fault”,” says Harrington. The host of the program invited the actor to come dressed as his character Jon snow to the wedding, but Keith assured him that rose won’t let him do.

About the engagement pair became known magazine The Times: “About their engagement announce Keith, youngest son of David and Deborah Harrington of Northampton, and rose, the middle daughter of Sebastian and candy Leslie from Aberdeenshire.”

The guys met in 2012 on the set of the TV series “Game of Thrones” where they play lovers. In the end, the character rose Leslie kill, and kit Harrington continues his participation in future seasons. Their relationship guys confirmed only last year, although there are already more than five years.

The seriousness of a pair of fans suspected when they bought a house in the East of England for $ 2.2 million. They do not plan to settle there on a permanent basis. It is perfect for relaxing after work. The house includes seven bedrooms, a pool, stables and tennis court. The total size of the estate is 8 hectares.