Имущество родителей Жанны Фриске пустят с молотка
Vladimir Friske and his wife may lose the roof over your head.

Имущество родителей Жанны Фриске пустят с молотка

Zhanna Friske


Charity Fund “Rusfond” won a court decision about
the satisfaction of the claim to the family of the late Jeanne Friske. The property of parents
the stars will be put “under the hammer”. Istra town court, Moscow region
decided to auction the property of Vladimir and his wife. About it
reports TASS. It is “the recovery belonging to the spouses Friske shares of
land plot in the village of Kryukovo and Istra district located on it
residential house”. The lawsuit States that the house and land was part of the property,
which was inherited by the defendants after the death of Jeanne Friske.

Имущество родителей Жанны Фриске пустят с молотка

Vladimir Friske


Father of Jeanne Friske has found a way to make peace with Shepelev

Recall hearing about the money collected “Rusfond”
for the treatment of Jeanne
started over two years ago. After a
time after the death of the singer, the charity demanded from relatives
the stars report for the above named funds. There were collected of 25.01 million
rubles. The parents of Joan were able to report only 4,12 million — this was
the official account of the American hospital, where Friske was treated. The rest
21.6 million rubles vanished into thin air.

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Long months of continued judicial
litigation between the Foundation, parents, Zhanna and her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev,
the official representative of the chief of the heir of the star, their son Plato.
Olga and Vladimir Friske claimed that all money was managed by the Shepelev. He
turn do not blame anyone, but the Investigative Committee found that
the rest of the money from the Bank (which, by the way, “burst”) filmed the mother of the singer.
In the document it is signed.