The programme “Business morning” changed the leading

Программа «Деловое утро» сменила ведущих
Channel personnel changes.

Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Privalov

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Leading morning news programme “Business morning” will be Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Privalov, they will replace Catherine Konovalov and Sergey Belov. The second tandem program, Igor Lantratov
and Tatiana Gevorgyan will continue to tell the viewers of NTV all the topical
and fresh on weekdays at 07.00.

Alexander Nazarov previously led
morning news on the TV channel RBC TV.

“To become
part of a large Federal channel very seriously. Proud to accept
this new call. “Business morning” is the best way to be informed of news and
events. Kind of information “cocktail” of Economics and politics,
served every morning hot,” — said Alexander Nazarov.

Maxim Privalov has a great experience
conducting various morning programs.

morning” for me — the pace of life! I, like millions of people
big cities, you just need to be aware of the news that relate to
each person,” says

Every weekday in the centre
attention of the programme “Business morning” are the most pressing issues. On
matters in which the layman, it’s sometimes difficult to understand yourself, the audience
answer best analysts, economists and lawyers from around the world. Finance and
property, the laws of the market and socio-political changes in the country — in
“Business morning” all of these topics will become clearer to the Russians.