Передачу «Пока все дома» будет транслировать канал «Россия» The program will air September 10. The first channel has terminated the contract with the show on Sunday, and their colleagues decided to put “While all the houses” in the broadcast schedule. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the TV show.
Передачу «Пока все дома» будет транслировать канал «Россия»

The popular program “While all houses” will be aired on the TV channel “Russia-1”. Earlier it became known that the contract with the Sunday show concluded its First channel was terminated.

“The result of the publications in the media and public reaction, we decided to close the program”, – told reporters the representative of the company.

A source familiar with the situation, reported that the program has to go on the air September 10, 2017.

“The program is in the grid,” – said the press service of the channel “Russia-1”.

Meanwhile, the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation interested in information about alleged financial fraud. There was talk that production videopasportov orphans that were shown under the heading “you will Have a baby”, “House” received a large sum of money.

“Special attention will be paid to the proper use of 110 million rubles allocated according to media reports, the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for the manufacturing of rollers videopasportov about orphans. The audit will assess the legality of the actions of all persons involved in forth in the media circumstances. If there are grounds immediately will be taken prosecutorial response,” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

By the way, today the host of the program “While all houses” Timur Kizyakov celebrates the 50th anniversary. The source that told RBC on the movement of transmission “Russia-1”, gives no information whether the man is to reappear in the program. Friends Timur Kizâkova: “He never took a penny”

Recall that this summer, some channel was closed, and the other show has a new leading. Andrey Malakhov left the “Let them talk” and appeared in the show “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The first transmission with the participation of chief editor of the project “StarHit” became one of the most discussed topics in the Network. “It was incredibly touching to tears. Bravo”, “Great! Two hours, one minute passed. Sure – a great future for this transfer,” wrote the users microblogging, evaluating the program, in which Boris korchevnikov and Andrey Malakhov.