The program “Wait for me” experienced raider seizure

Программа «Жди меня» пережила рейдерский захват
Svetlana Bodrova told how the project took its Creator Sergey Kushnereva.

Программа «Жди меня» пережила рейдерский захват

Photo: scene from the program “Wait for me”

In early October we celebrated 30 years of the TV company “VID”, which company rallied people doing the “Wait for me”. The program was created by producer Sergei Kushnerev. He, in turn, created in the Studio is a real dream team that lived and supported his work.

One of the workers became the wife of the famous actor Sergei Bodrov Svetlana, who worked there for fourteen years. But her celebration was not invited.

Программа «Жди меня» пережила рейдерский захват

Svetlana Bodrova with daughter Olga and son Sasha

Photo: Instagram

“We must start with the fact that “Wait for me” is “the Project of Sergey Kushnereva”, — said Svetlana Is fair, it is right, it is a tribute to the man, through countless ideas, talent and sleepless nights which are now working these people: to say the words, they are invented, use the search system, which he created over the years. All of this — I mean a huge project “Wait for me” — Kushnerev gave willingly: he has his child taken away. And now you’re trying to convince everyone that preserved some continuity that’s all right. No. Wrong. And no one from our old team to the new “Wait for me”, including the leading. But in the database, which remains two million letters to those who are looking for each other. These people are not to blame. And I want to say that we would never have gone from “Wait for me. We would have done this program to the last. We loved her. It was more than just a program. Especially for Serezha Kushnereva. Don’t know what to compare, compare with the child for some stupid… That was his life.

Программа «Жди меня» пережила рейдерский захват

Sergey Kushnerev

Photo: Alexey Filippov/TASS

He came up with an amazing system people search algorithm is that here these two millions of letters the two seeking each other man would be in two minutes. Can you imagine? And now when I hear that Alexander Lyubimov (the current President of the company “ВИDgital”. — Approx. says in the frame: “We”, “We were wondering how to search”, I do not understand: who are these “we”? I have a feeling that I’m 14 years old, probably on the moon somewhere or was on Mars. And somehow missed some part of Alexander Mikhailovitch in this story. But no, I sat in the “Ostankino”, in the control room, next to the man who created it all in my eyes, and whose life had nothing more important and more significant “Wait for me”. I saw Kushnerev it comes up, I have seen the results of his sleepless nights, the realization of his ideas, which he might not tell, but “Wait for me” — it was his dream come true, which is lived and developed.”

In the fall of 2014 Kushnerev, Bodrova and most of their team left, “Wait for me”.

“What happened is what I call a raider seizure. Chief editor of the program, Yulia Bodinya that Kushnerev resulted from “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Alexander Lyubimov behind Kushnereva decided that it will be able to do the program without him — says Bodrov. — It was a plot, which Kushnerev knew nothing until the last moment. They wanted to shift Sergei Medvedev from the post of chief editor of the television to select the program. It was not easy to do, because Kushnereva was 25% of the shares ВИDа. With Sergei met no one. His resignation was accepted. And the issue of shares decided literally before my eyes. We were Kushnereva after one of the last shots in the Smoking room.

Alexander Lyubimov

Photo: Stoyan Vasev/TASS

To Serezha came assistant Lyubimov, handed him the package of documents with the words: “Sign”. I wouldn’t tell you if it hadn’t happened right in front of me. I ask: “what is it?” Kushnarev: “don’t know”. We left the television station, went to the Ostankino pond, opened the package. It was a signature waiver of 25 percent of the shares ВИDа that belonged to Kushnereva. Without any basis, it was a voluntary waiver. Kushnarev was not a man of business, he didn’t need the money. It is not because of money doing TV. He loved his job, wanted them to do, to develop this program to launch a new teaching at a University, teach young journalists, he liked it. He didn’t want to fight with the play. But they did get together, it took 5 minutes. Lyubimov said to him: “Serge, you understand, it’s only fair”. And put on the table two thousand. Serge with a smile said to me: “Imagine, I have 50 rubles he owed. My stock was worth 1,950 rubles”. In General, without a fight he signed all these documents and everything. And he took everything. After a few months he had his first stroke. The man took his life, the meaning of life. Kushnerev didn’t know how to live without working. And this, of course, was a terrible blow. Re-stroke, in 2017, cost Serezha life.”