The program “Wait for me” can go with the First channel

Программа «Жди меня» может уйти с Первого канала With the team yet did not renew the contract. Editor-in-chief Julia transmission Bodinya told that they are looking for a new anchor Alexander galibina and wait for the decision of the TV channel about the future of the talk show.
Программа «Жди меня» может уйти с Первого канала

For 20 years on the First channel out one of the most touching programs of the Russian television “Wait for me”. Thanks to the coordinated work of the project team thousands of people met their relatives and friends who for various reasons lost contact. However, recently there have been rumors that the TV company “Vid”, which is engaged in the manufacture of transfer, cease to cooperate with the First channel. “StarHit” contacted the chief editor of “Wait for me” Yulia Bodinya to clarify the situation.

“This is early information, not that premature, and even strange, do not know where she went. We change the leader, that’s all we know. We have not yet extended the contract with the First channel, but this is a question for lawyers. Still the contract was not extended, we await the decision from the channel,” – said the head of the project.
Программа «Жди меня» может уйти с Первого канала

At the end of August it became known that the leader of the program Alexander Galibin left the program. He appeared on the screens for three years, together with his colleague Ksenia Alferova. Recently, the artist learned that he’s not signed a contract for a new television season. Galibin admitted that he loved his work. The host of “Wait for me” Alexander Galibin leaves the program

“They called me, told me not extended a contract and I don’t understand why. I loved the program and gave her a lot of strength. I had a wonderful co-host, a great team, from the producer, finishing with volunteers. If this program disappears, it will be a big loss. This is one of the few sincere and pure,” said Alexander.

Now, instead of galibina viewers will see on the screens of the new host, and Alferov will remain in the same role. She is preparing to shoot, waiting for when the team will return to work fully.

Recently, beloved by millions, the anchorman and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov gone to the First channel. Now he works for “Russia-1” on the talk show “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

By the way, the program “While all houses” moved on “Russia-1”. According to First channel, they did not renew the contract with the transfer. Leading Timur Kizâkova accused of financial fraud. The investigation of the case started the Prosecutor General’s office.

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